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Red Door Consignment Offers Best Deals in Douglasville

Krystal Horne

For bargain hunters, Red Door Consignment is a must-visit destination that is gaining a reputation for having some of the best deals in the Douglasville area. Jonathan DeVos, owner, says that Red Door Consignment carries clothing, accessories, home decor, and lots of other items that are offered at 50 percent of retail value.

“We try to give our shoppers as much value as possible,” says Jonathan. “You’ll never find anything in our store prices above half of the item’s retail value. We have a huge selection of clothing for men, women, and children, as well as lots of other items that are really great deals.”

Jonathan says Red Door Consignment, located at 4300 Chapel Hill Road, has gained a reputation for having great deals with Douglasville shoppers, but he hopes to reach out the members of the Carrollton community and invite them to take a trip and visit the store.

“There are lots of people from Carrollton who come to Douglasville to shop, and we want to invite them to come check out what we have,” says Jonathan. “Whether they’re looking to offer items on consignment or to purchase anything, we take pride in offering great deals and unmatched customer service. Our appeal is that we try to make it the easiest process that we possibly can. We don’t require appointments for people dropping off clothing or anything else, and we also don’t have a minimum or maximum amount on consignment.”

Krystal Horne

Red Door Consignment is located in a large, 4,200 square-foot building that is stocked with more than 8,000 items. The company has been in business for three years at the Douglasville location and hopes to continue to grow its customer base in the area. Red Door Consignment’s original location in Tyrone, Georgia, has been serving customers for more than 15 years.

“People love shopping at our store because we treat everyone like friends and family and we always offer amazing deals,” says Jonathan. “Come in and take advantage of our different sales like the one-dollar days on the first of every month, when there are lots of items in the store available for just a dollar.”

Whether you’re looking to consign items, or hunt for the best deals around, Red Door Consignment is your place to shop. Check out the Red Door Consignment Facebook page here to stay up to date on the latest deals and items in the store, and also to check out the Red Door Consignment newsletter.

“Once you come see us, you’ll feel like you’re in a retail store instead of a consignment store,” says Jonathan. “We look forward to the folks in Carrollton stopping by to check us out!”

For more information, visit the Red Door Consignment Facebook page here or call 770-485-5435.

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