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Multi-Pest Services Taking Care of West Georgia for 40 Years

The Multi-Pest Services Team (Photo by The City Menus)

Since 1978 Multi-Pest Services has provided full-service pest control for residential, business, and industrial clients across West Metro Atlanta and East Alabama. Excellent service is what they stand for, and it has led to be the company’s core component of success.

President and CEO of the family-owned business, Joe Harris began his business after traveling throughout the southeast as a technical sales representative in the pest control industry. In his role as a sales representative, he learned a lot about pest control. However, the position did not allow him quality time with his wife and three children.

Mr. Harris and his wife decided that it was time for him to be at home more, which led to his decision to open Multi-Pest in Carrollton, Georgia. Throughout the years, many of Multi-Pests’ customers have become personal friends of Mr. Harris. He credits his success to “that friendship, along with the caring attitude of my company, helped by my existing customers’ referring their friends and neighbors to Multi-Pest Services for their pest control needs.”

For the last forty years, the company’s community focus has helped them grow and give back. Mr. Harris says “Community is family, friendship, and a place to raise our children in a healthy, wholesome environment, economically, socially, and spiritually.”

He continues, “Our youth can look forward to an excellent education from preschool through doctoral programs nearby. We have police, fire, and tremendous medical facilities with capable staff equal to or better than most parts of our country.”

As spring blooms into summer, many changes for structural pests and wildlife occur. For example, termites begin swarming and are highly visible, causing alarm. Various wildlife are moving in and out of structures, usually seeking food and shelter as they raise their young. The constant movement creates new noises from the attic or walls. Also, when families begin outside activities as weather warms, mosquitoes will likely be their top concern.

Multi-Pest has a host of services to deal with structural pests and wildlife. Their products are regularly evaluated and only those that they have confidence in are used. “If we wouldn’t use a product to treat our own properties, then you can rest assured that we wouldn’t use it to treat your property. You are that important to us,” said Mr. Harris.

Contact Multi-Pest today for pest control, termite, wildlife removal and/or wildlife exclusion services (770) 834-0811. Like their page on Facebook or click here to visit their website.