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Newnan’s Unique Spot For Fashion

Emily Westergreen (Photo by Jonathan Dockery)

A unique spot for fashion is hidden in the basement of Emily and Todd Westergreen’s new antebellum home in downtown Newnan. Their home was recently featured in an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters. She tells us, “We would’ve never gotten this house in Atlanta and the show really displayed Newnan very positively.”

Emily’s boutique, Underground Runway, is primarily accessible through a Facebook group. She sells everything from specialty items to select women’s fashions in the group. She tells us, “I spend so much time at New York fashion week handpicking items to freight back to Newnan for the shop. Many of my good friends are in New York, and I have spent so much time in the industry.”

She ships around 50% of everything to customers from her boutique. As we looked around her workspace most of the pricing averages $75 or lower. She says, “New York is unique and so many people work in the fashion industry, so the space is limited to find good pricing.” Many of the brands in her boutique are gone in a matter of minutes after posting. Emily laughs, “When I post BCBG and Rebecca Taylor, it’s gone.”

Her personal stylist touch combined with consignment shop prices allows her to cater better to clients. Emily remains connected to her Facebook group and is always answering questions. Emily says, “I can do it when I want to, I help cater to sizing needs, and merchandise is higher quality because its designer.” Emily also allows those interested in visiting her shop to make an appointment through her Facebook group. About half of the items are new, and the other half are used.

When asked about opening a storefront Emily says, “People like the private shopping experience and I like the one-on-one service. If I opened a storefront it would take away from the experience. I can keep my prices low and be on my on time with minimal overhead costs.”

In closing she adds, “I want to change the way Newnan dresses.”

Click here to join Underground Runway’s Facebook group.