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“Low and Slow” Cooked Bar-B-Q Coming to Fischer Crossing

Photo by Jonathan Dockery

From its roots on Clairmont Avenue in Birmingham, Alabama, the 1985-born establishment Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q now confirms its plans for expanding to Fischer Crossing in Sharpsburg, Georgia. The Sharpsburg restaurant’s owner Jeremy Chambers says that groundbreaking will begin in September, followed by a planned opening mid-February 2020. 

Jeremy has more than twenty years of experience in the restaurant industry and has been a proud local owner since 2009. He tells us, “I was born and raised in east Tennessee, but I have found Fayette County, Georgia, to be my family’s new home and where we are choosing to raise our children.” 

Through Jim ‘N Nick’s, Jeremy employs his passion of giving back to the community and he attributes that success to patrons of his restaurants. For instance, he tells us, “While other national brands commit a percentage of their sales to advertising, Jim ‘N Nick’s puts those same funds back into the hands of the local owners so they can spend it in the most beneficial way to their neighbors.”

He continues, “It’s so rewarding to know that every plate of Southern Goodness served in our restaurant also serves those in our community, as well. The service culture of Jim ‘N Nick’s has afforded me the opportunity to help those who need it most.”

Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q currently has eight locations in Atlanta. With the Sharpsburg location coming soon plus another location in East Cobb (that is planned to open mid-September), there will be 10 restaurants for the metro-Atlanta area, which brings the total to more than 40 restaurants across the south. 

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