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Creative Collaborative Space Opens in Hogansville

Seth Cagle (left) and Grady Sain (right) – Photo by Jonathan Dockery

Non-profit makerspace and educational center, Positive Fields opened in downtown Hogansville less than a year ago. The space specializes in general multipurposes, industrial and product design, robotics, coding, and more. It was spurred by ideas in the community so that products can be made to show something tangible.

Motivated by creativity, Hogansville has seen an influx of new business. Positive Fields’ director Grady Sain says, “It’s like having a blank slate for the community; it allows us to improve the town and do more cool projects with being art centric in mind.”

Positive Fields hopes to provide an opportunity for removing barriers that will help bridge the divide between economic differences and educational challenges by creating spaces for everyone. As a makerspace, the use of their equipment and curriculum is free of charge.

Positive fields is located 201 East Main Street Hogansville, Georgia 30230.

Click here to visit their website for more information.