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Katlyn Bradshaw to Serve as New Manager of the Burson Center

Katlyn Bradshaw

Carroll Tomorrow is proud to announce the addition of a new team member, Katlyn Bradshaw. Katlyn has been hired as the new manager of the Burson Center. She assumes her new position on Monday, August 19.

Katlyn is one of our own, having completed her high school education as Valedictorian at Temple High School. As the first graduate of the Richards College of Business Leadership Academy, Katlyn earned her Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting and Management in May 2018.

Katlyn recently participated in the UWG Summer 2019 graduation after earning her Master of Business Administration Degree.

According to Carroll Tomorrow President / CEO Daniel Jackson, “We are delighted that Katlyn has chosen to join our team.” Her education, work experience, and bio are most impressive. Katlyn not only excelled in the classroom, but she also gained invaluable experience working with the RCOB Dean’s office at UWG and working part time at Southwire. Officials from Southwire and UWG agree that Katlyn is a bright young lady who will enjoy much success in whatever career path she chooses.”

According to Jackson, “The Burson Center has earned a great reputation around the state and beyond. In the 12 years since it opened, 91 other communities have come to see the Burson Center and hear our story.” In 2013, the Burson Center was recognized as one of the top ten rural incubators in the USA according to officials with the Appalachian Regional Commission. In 2017, the Burson Center won an international economic development award. “Under Katlyn’s leadership, we are confident that the Burson Center will continue to enjoy success and serve this community well.”