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    Liberty Eagle Academy Hosting Ribbon Cutting and Open House

    Earlier this week Liberty Eagle Academy relocated to a newly constructed campus at 800 Cedar Street, Carrollton, Georgia, where it continues offering a modern Montessori educational experience for infants to elementary aged students. Now, the school is set to host a ribbon cutting celebration and Open House this Thursday, September 26. The ribbon cutting will take place at 4:00 pm followed by Open House from 4:30 to 7:00 pm. 

    The school provides education for infants, toddlers, primary, as well as lower and upper elementary through seventh grade students. Additionally the school is accredited by Bright from the Start and GAC with quality. The school’s relocation to the new campus is a testimony for the growth of the organization and allows for new, beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. Dr. Anna Harris tells us, “We envisioned it to be a magical place for the children to learn and thrive. We are the only Montessori accredited by the GAC in the county, and the only one that implements Modern Montessori which is the blend of Montessori methods and traditional teaching methods.  Our goal is to have the school offer this type of education all the way through high school.” This concept was founded by physicians Anna and Brent Harris when they wanted to meld the best of both educational worlds.  

    She adds, “The community is a place that provides support for a common goal; I believe one of those common goals is to provide a wonderful environment where children can learn and thrive at their pace.  At Liberty Eagle Academy, we allow children to learn beyond their expected ‘grade level’ and to also allow those that need more time in areas to have that without being held back a ‘grade.’ The community is also a place where children can learn life skills as we intertwine this in our curriculum.” 

    The school’s curriculum also includes basic life skills such as finance, entrepreneurship, carpentry, sewing, cooking (with a commercial kitchen including a pizza oven), gardening, living off the land, automotive, and more. By networking with community members, children can also learn from them. During the Open House, elementary students will be selling a children’s book that they authored, illustrated, and published earlier this school year.