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    Theatrical Performance to Raise Awareness for Depression, Opioid Addiction, and Cancer

    Press release and photo provided by Soaring N2 Destiny (SN2D) Stage Productions:

    Shandria Sanchez and Soaring N2 Destiny (SN2D) Stage Productions are proud to announce the upcoming debut of their brand-new stage performance entitled “Soldiers on the Battlefield.” 

    Sanchez says she used her experiences as an Army veteran and everyday experiences that people face as inspiration for “Soldiers on the Battlefield,” which she has written and directed. The production is set to debut on October 19 and 20, 2019, at Charles Wadsworth Auditorium in Newnan, Georgia, the city where SN2D Stage Productions is based. 

    In “Soldiers on the Battlefield,” audiences will watch as a fatigued soldier gives up hope on the battlefield, only to witness a miracle. In the production, everyday struggles that people face, such as depression, cancer, and opioid addiction, are compared to weapons, bombs, and the battlefield, hence inspiring people to make it through the battlefield of life. 

    SN2D will also present several I Am A Warrior Awards to raise awareness in various inspiring life stories of sickness and survival, along with other unexpected situations.

    “This show is designed to inspire, uplift, and empower the community with a powerful inspirational message that will enlighten as well as entertain,” said Sanchez. 

    “Soldiers on the Battlefield” will be a Broadway-style theatrical production that will bring Hollywood magic to the stage in Newnan, Georgia, this fall; and it will surely be a production that people won’t want to miss. According to Sanchez, “This is the most anticipated Broadway-style theatrical production, a soldier’s fight to survive when left behind.” 

    Currently, SN2D is accepting sponsorship partners and is prepping to take the production on tour to share ‘Soldiers on the Battlefield’ with audiences everywhere. Sanchez believes that ‘Soldiers on the Battlefield’ would also make a powerful film one day. Tickets are now available at https://soldiersonthebattlefieldproduction.eventbrite.com/

    About Soaring N2 Destiny (SN2D) Stage Productions 

    SN2D is a performing arts company based in Newnan, Georgia, that aims to inspire, educate, empower, and challenge budding artists to reach their full potential. For more details about Soaring N2 Destiny and (SN2D) Stage Productions click here.