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Pedaling Forward, West Georgia Cycling Moving to Larger Location

Shop Owner Adam Alvord (Photo by Jonathan Dockery)

For eight years, West Georgia Cycling has kept west Georgia peddling. Rolling forward, the shop is expanding and relocating into a new space at the Maple Street Commons shopping center in Carrollton. The move will add to the shop’s growing list of accomplishments. 

The cycling company’s new location is bigger with more visible space for customers. Owner Adam Alvord explains, “We ran out of room here on Bradley Street. With the new inventory it’s been tight, but we are almost ready for the public to see our new showroom at Maple Street Commons.” The showroom will feature an array of bikes and accessories. A repair stand will be in the back, away from the flow of the customers. He continues, “I wanted to do the new place right. We now have a space where we can make it professional.” 

Occupying suites 115 and 117, West Georgia Cycling will be easily accessible for those riding along the Greenbelt near City Station. Adam says, “Overall we are in a much better location. There are so many people passing through this area, especially on weekends.” He tells us their new loyalty program is launching soon, along with a paid membership club for frequent riders and shoppers.

Earlier this year, Zagster contacted West Georgia Cycling’s Adam to handle maintenance on its fleet of bikes around the Greenbelt. Zagster currently provides the bikes that can be rented for use on Carrollton’s Greenbelt. Adam comments, “This was just an incredible addition to our business.”

Looking back at his childhood, Adam says he has always loved bikes; and his passion is evident through his love for the shop. He says, “I’ve always had a passion for cycling, and I try to beam that energy through everything I do, from mechanic work to customer service and giving back to the community.”

Adam thanks the community for supporting West Georgia Cycling and concludes with, “We are all in this together.” 

The new location, at 150 Maple Commons, Suite 117, Carrollton, Georgia, opens to the public on January 6, 2020.