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Our Communities Enjoyed Valuable Successes in 2019

This year we covered countless community impact stories. We have prepared a list that highlights some of those stories. 

Dr. Pope Retires as the longest-serving Carrollton Board of Education member. Click here to read about his 37 years of service. 

Bremen City Schools ranks top in the state for their College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI). Click here to read more. 

Central High School teachers, Ms. Heather Robertson,  Ms. Cynthia Landon, and Ms. Laura Williford were awarded Bright Ideas grants by Carroll EMC in January. Click here to read more.

Rhyne Owenby filled a new role at Carroll County Chamber beginning in January. Click here to read about her new position as director of member engagement.  

Many more stories about the community can be read at https://thecitymenus.com/category/community/

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