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Brickhouse Owner to Open White Oak Brewpub at Baynard Park

Photo by Jonathan Dockery

A new brewpub is taking shape at 1710 East Highway 34, next to Dairy Queen in the Baynard Park area of Newnan. The owners of the new brewpub, who also own Brickhouse Grille and Tavern, gave us an exclusive update. 

They tell us, “White Oak Brewpub will be themed with a more relaxing atmosphere, which will feature an outside patio and games.” They went on to say that the brewpub will feature a wood-fired pizza oven, their own craft beer, plus 45 other local crafts from other breweries and a few domestics. 

At press time White Oak Brewpub is undergoing interior construction, with only countertops and a few appliances left to be installed. Their team is very excited to open the new brewpub. 

They share, “We are in an overlay district of Highway 34 so food trucks will not be allowed like they are at several other breweries nearby. Not being able to have food trucks is the main reason why we will be serving our popular wood-fired pizza, like guests find at Brickhouse.”

The building was recently painted white in accordance with the name White Oak Brewery. An opening date has not yet been announced.

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