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Adamson Square’s Corner Cafe Continues Normal Operation

Courtesy of Corner Cafe

Corner Cafe, located at 304 Adamson Square, Carrollton, Georgia, released the following update:

“To protect our customers, Corner Cafe is currently taking extra sanitary precautions. This includes:

– Beyond normal handwashing, every server is consistently using hand sanitizer.
– Sanitized salt, pepper, and sweetener caddies will be handed out upon request.
– Our cash register is sanitized after every use.
– All menus will be sanitizer after each use.
– All tables and surfaces will be sanitized after every use.
– Hand sanitizer is available at the front for all customers.
– To-go orders are available all day

We love our customers too much to put your health at risk.

Also if you decide to join us today, we have our delicious Brunswick stew available! Come give it a try if you haven’t already.”