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Newnan Sea Glass Therapy Relocates, Shares Pandemic Coping Methods

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Recently Sea Glass Therapy moved to 25 East Broad Street, Newnan, Georgia — from Perry Street. Owner and therapist Jennifer Yaeger told us she was eager to host a new location party but as she states it best, “The world went upside down, so that is obviously postponed.” During the pandemic, Jennifer wrote an article for Business Insider to help those impacted by COVID-19-related trauma. 

Here are a few tips that Jennifer shares to help manage self care:

1. Because we cannot identify a date when we can resume life as we have known it, having a project of some type that you actually want to do and that has an end date can be helpful. A project can be anything from starting something new with a hobby that you already enjoy, doing a household improvement project, setting a goal in self-improvement, or just starting a new book.  

2. The anxiety that most people are experiencing as a result of this pandemic needs to be both burned off and calmed down. This means that the anxiety can be mindfully worked through as we clean or exercise and then calmed down as we spend quiet time, slowing our bodies down. In other words, if you recognize that you are feeling restless, engage in something that gets your heart rate up, knowing that it will expend that anxious energy. Then you can follow that upbeat activity with something that makes you feel physically calm, like yoga, meditating, or taking a bath. 

3. Not being able to engage in our once overly busy lives that are usually full of distractions has caused a lot of people to be left alone more than usual with their thoughts. I have seen this situation be helpful to some and cause some anxiety and depressive symptoms for others. Make sure that you seek counseling if you need to do so. These are strange and different times, and not one of us is expected to know how to handle them perfectly. 

To learn more about Sea Glass Therapy, click here for their website.