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Perfect Timing for Author’s New Happiness Book

When local inspirational author and speaker Skip Johnson started his new book Hidden Jewels of Happiness, he was excited because he believed it would make an impact on many peoples’ lives in a positive and permanent way. Turns out as the book was released on Amazon this week, his timing couldn’t have been much better.

As the pandemic has ravaged the country and the world in countless ways, the principles in Skip’s book are now more relevant and needed than ever. Hidden Jewels of Happiness is a collection of powerful and potentially transformative essays that provide the reader with tools to face the most difficult challenges of life in a renewed, empowered, optimistic way.

Skip, a West Georgia resident for over 40 years, draws on his lessons learned from life as a competitive athlete and then a long-time successful business owner to empathetically and patiently guide readers in handling the problems we all face.

“I designed Hidden Jewels to be a relatively short, quickly absorbed read, with ideas that are practical, powerful, and easy to implement,” commented Skip. “You can simply open the book, read any one of the essays, and hopefully be inspired and encouraged. I write about things like generosity, gratitude, compassion, and courage, and how we can uncover and incorporate many of these seemingly ‘hidden’ gems to make our difficult journeys much easier and more enjoyable.”

In a way that is reminiscent of Skip’s first inspirational book, Grateful for Everything, reviewers on Amazon are already posting of Skip’s conversational style of writing, and his motivating, life-enhancing words. 

To read reviews or to purchase the eBook or paperback version, click here.

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