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Plant Wasted Opens at Adamson Square

Plant Wasted, a new 100-percent raw, cold-pressed juice bar has opened at Adamson Square in downtown Carrollton. It is owned and operated by Brandy Ward, alongside her husband Jonathon Ward. 

Brandy told us that it was more than ten years ago when she began to learn about the benefits of juicing. She explains, “The cleaner you eat, the better you feel. Juicing and clean eating will change you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Bringing something healthy to my hometown is important to me and a dream come true.”

As an entrepreneur and mother of one, she invites people to her new juice bar where she hopes people will raise “cheers” to good health and love. “Jonathon has always believed in my idea of a juice bar. He encouraged me to take the leap which led to the opening of Plant Wasted,” said Brandy. 

All of the juice is made from finely chopped fruits and vegetables, then put into a press that extracts the juice. There are no added sugars, just raw, fresh-pressed fruits and veggies.

Many people said they have experienced internal healing and weight loss and benefited in other ways from juicing. For example, Brandy’s husband suffers from severe acid reflux and inflammation. Whenever he experiences a flare up, he will drink “Mama’s Favorite” which is a juice made only from celery. He will also drink shots of raw turmeric, and ginger which helps tremendously with his inflammation.  

At Plant Wasted, the most popular juice is the Blue Parrot which is made from pineapple, lemon, blue majik (algae), and apple. Another favorite is the Jam Up Joe which is made from beets, carrot, apple, lemon, and ginger.

“We are here to save the world one juice at a time,” said Brandy. Patrons can sample juices for free at any time.

Plant Wasted is more than juice; they offer fresh smoothies, shots, and wellness bowls. There is a customizable smoothie, aptly named Drive Me Crazy, that allows customers to choose their favorite ingredients. 

Plant Wasted officially opened July 3. For now the cold-pressed juice bar is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The hours of operation are subject to change. 

Click here to visit Plant Wasted’s website, which was designed by Lime Biscuit Creative