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New Rage Room Launches at Lock City Escape Games

In January of this year Lock City Escape Games acquired the former Way Out Games location at 108 A Kilgore Road in Carrollton. Now under new management, Lock City Escape Games is investing in its new, second location where crews are updating décor, remaking the escape rooms and have added a new Rage Room attraction, REKT Inc., which opened Friday, July 30.

REKT Inc., a therapy-focused attraction, gives guests an opportunity to let out some steam without harming themselves or others. Owner of Lock City Escape Games Neko Farmer explains, “Especially nowadays with people having to deal with so much, from seemingly every angle, REKT Inc. will allow participants to get some of their anger, frustration, and emotions out in a nice, contained, family-friendly environment without having to worry about the cost or mess usually associated with such activities. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to unwind after a long week. We always try to push happiness, smiles, and fun at Lock City, and we believe this attraction will be no different.”

For the REKT room, guests can choose from several different packages that come with a set of breakables ranging from small glass items to wooden chairs and even electronics like computers, TVs, and printers.  For each rage session, a staff member is assigned to a group, and one person at a time will be able to enter the rage room while anyone they choose to bring with them can enjoy the view from a safe, plexiglass shielded seating booth as they await their turn. The fun begins with a 30-minute session to break everything in the room. 

Neko mentions, “The new experience is in the same category as axe throwing as opposed to the puzzle-like environment of our escape rooms. In a rage room, objects are placed on a table and broken using different weapons the guest can choose.” Some of the weapons available are sledge hammers, crowbars, baseball bats, a bow and arrow, and even cutlery such as swords.

For guest safety, REKT Inc. will provide participants with helmets that have face shields along with welding gloves and coveralls for the experience. Participants are also able to wear their own clothing as long as it’s deemed safe by the staff. The packages start at $20 for thirty minutes. As with any experience at Lock City Escape Games, a waiver must be signed prior to a guest’s participating. 

For those worried about the environmental impact, Neko shares, “As a company, Lock City has always been proactive when it comes to green alternatives and recycling; it’s a practice that I constantly push to my staff. Seventy-five-percent of the items we acquire for participants to break are gathered from partnerships with local businesses who otherwise may not have time to properly dispose of recyclables. Once the items have been broken, we’ve invested in quick and easy recycling solutions to ensure every piece of debris makes it to the correct facilities for proper disposal.”

Other new experiences at Lock City Escape Games are under construction, including a new, men-in-black- themed escape room that will open in the coming months at their headquarters, which is located on Highway 27. A remade version of their haunted-house-themed room, Lancaster Manor, will also undergo a name change in addition to its extreme makeover and technology upgrade, and two other attractions are being kept under wraps until closer to release. 

To learn more about REKT Inc. click here.

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