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Carrollton City School Educators Capture Heart-Warming Accomplishments

Andrew ODonnell

In just over a week, Carrollton City Schools will launch the start of a new school year. We all know it will be a little different, but that has become more of the norm than the exception over the past few months thanks to COVID-19. While most students will return to in-person learning, some have elected to start the year at home. Either way, parents can be assured their children will be challenged, supported, and loved. Our teachers and staff have missed everyone and are looking forward to starting a new school journey.  Even though we don’t want to relive the past, we do think it is worthy to be reminded of just how dynamic and determined the Trojan Nation was last spring when the global pandemic impacted our community.  This presentation, a collection of photographs and video clips teachers shared with our Communications Team last spring, captures just a small part of what they accomplished as educators and the resilience demonstrated by their students, no matter how young.  We are hopeful you find this as heart-warming as we do and that it provides the inspiration to keep up the momentum for another year! To view the presentation, click here.

The Trojan Times publication provided this press release.