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Game App Features Carrollton Version

Carrollton residents who enjoy strategy games may be interested in a fun and strategic game app which is presented locally by The City Menus.

TourTown USA by City Manager is a city building game available for all smart phones and tablets, and is a free download on the App Store and on Google Play.  What makes the game especially appealing to residents of Carrollton is that the game has versions for real cities. Carrollton is one of the six West Georgia cities featured in the game.

Players try to be the first to build their city to a population for 200. To achieve this, they must bid on businesses, including many real local companies, including The City Menus. Players also add infrastructure, like the Carrollton City Hall and the GreenBelt, and bid to host actual local events, like Taste of Carrollton in their city. University of West Georgia is one of the most valuable entities to get in a city.

Each player starts out with $250 in game cash, which they must manage wisely because the businesses they have purchased will make or lose money depending on the current population. As the population of their city grows, businesses make more money, which can then be used to bid on additional businesses.

Once a business is placed in a city, it attracts people in the game. These “People Cards” also add population to the city. The people come to the city which has the most things they like. People in the game include the mayors of both cities, local residents, and historical figures, such as William C. Adamson, after whom the square was named. Carroll County Chairman Michelle Morgan is also in the game, and even Wolfie is a part of the Carrollton version of City Manager.

There are also imaginary people, places and things in the game, such as a Unicorn Farm, and a subway system. You will also find characters like Santa Claus, Bigfoot, and a mafia boss, which will cause your population to decline if he comes to your city.

The game can be played as a single player with three computer opponents, or up to four people can play against each other from multiple locations.

City Manager was developed by News & Views USA in 2010 as a board game. Development began on the app in 2017, and it was released in March of 2019. In addition to the Carrollton version, Douglasville, Villa Rica Dallas, Hiram, and Temple can also be played from the same app. Other US Cities are being added. Each city version has a different mixture of cards, requiring a slightly different strategy.

In addition to being a source of entertainment, City Manager also gives away weekly prizes to players who beat the game and send in a screen shot. If your business is interested in being featured on the Game App please contact [email protected]