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Find Self Care and Self Worth at Kurved by K

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

“Self care is important. Self worth is everything.”

That’s the tagline at Kurved by K — Newnan’s Premier Beauty and Wellness Center who embraces a holistic approach to better health. Kurved by K offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. All of their treatment options are non-invasive and performed by healthcare professionals with more than 10 years experience, under the supervision of a licensed M.D.

Mrs. Kioka Render, R.N., owner, shares her philosophy and motivation, “I‘ve always wanted to be a nurse. Always loved to care and nurture others. After becoming a nurse, I realized that I would travel through the healing side with the patients and their families, and then they’d move on. That was great, but I realized that many of the patients needed attention to their emotional/spiritual side as well, in order to be truly healthy.”

“God made this amazing body and we need to do our part to support its natural function. My goal became to search for other modalities and treatments that I could offer people before they ended up in a hospital, in order to maximize their overall health. I came to understand that this is my calling from God,” Mrs. Render said.

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

Render also mentions, “2020 has been a hectic year to say the least. I was very fortunate to meet an amazing woman and female entrepreneur that shared my same vision and believed in the Kurved By K Experience. Mrs. Hand joined with me to bring Kurved By K to life for our local community. My amazing husband and supportive family have also played a major role in achieving this goal. We have built an amazing team to make your experience one of a kind. Our Medical Director Dr. Wanda Guy-Craft, 2 skin enthusiasts and licensed aestheticians- Drea and Brittiny, and our amazing office manager Myriah Render.” Kurved By K would like to send a special thank you to Kayla Beasley-Linacre – Business consultant and trainer, Kim Cole Styling Agency – Interior Designer, and Robert Ward – Contractor. 

According to Mrs. Render, they will offer nonsurgical, non-invasive services to promote mental and physical health, as well as make body transformations. This will include services such as the Secret Vault, which is a relaxation experience combining light, sound, and sensory touch therapy to soothe the mind and help the client release the stresses of the day. This experience is offered with a hydrating beverage and a fresh fruit assortment.  

“IV hydration is another service we offer,” shares Render. It’s a safe and effective way to receive essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into your bloodstream through an IV. This is a 30 to 45 minute session in a relaxing  atmosphere that enhances your energy, overall mood, immune system, and, it may even help prevent future negative health conditions,” according to Ms. Render.

Non-surgical body contouring, another service at Kurved by K,  is very popular because it encompasses non-invasive methods of decreasing fat in the abdomen, the arms, the back, and the thighs using ultrasonic cavitation and RF skin tightening to decrease the adipose tissue in the abdomen, thighs, arms, and back. They also offer cellulite reduction and buttocks enhancement. All of these are non-invasive, that is, the treatment does not puncture your skin, so there is no fear of infections or improper healing. 

“Many of our services are geared toward mental relaxation because mental healing is so closely related to physical health. Understanding why you are not feeling your best can be an open door to healing. That’s why it’s so important to me. Beauty starts inside, and I want everyone to know that if we take care of our insides, those toxic things will come out, and we’ll enjoy better health,” Mrs. Render says. 

Located at 1585 E. Highway 34, Suite B in Newnan, Kurved by K, will open in January, 2021, offering a menu of beneficial health services for the modern woman, including those mentioned above as well as infrared sauna wraps, skin care, lymphatic drainage massage, a women’s wellness group, waxing, vaginal steaming, vajacials,  eyelash extensions, facial contouring, post lipo surgical care, and much more. Keep watch on The Newnan Menus or their website for more opening information.

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