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Healthy Water for a Healthy Body: The Water Tree Newnan Plants Itself in Newnan

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

Did you know that the optimal pH level for the human body is 7.4 and that what you drink or eat can shift this balance? Garry and Patricia Lewis, two former military service members, discovered this and are now on a mission to help Newnan residents restore their health with alkaline antioxidant water. The Water Tree Newnan opens its doors this week at 802 Lower Fayetteville Road Suite D, next to the Chevron, completing the first step in the mission. “I was driving around at 12:30 at night looking for a spot, I turned into this location, and it’s been on the move ever since. So this is like a fulfilled vision,” Garry said.

Both veterans and U.S. Government contractors, Patricia served in the military for 27 years, and Garry served in the military for 14 years. They have a friend, Jennifer, who is also playing a key role in the business. “I volunteer with Garry and Pat, I’m friends with them, and when they started talking about this new venture, I wanted to help them out. This is a community for me,” she said.

The Water Tree Newnan’s mission is to optimize people’s health by changing the water people drink, cook with, bathe in, and use all around the home. They specialize in alkaline antioxidant water, which is ionized water with a high pH level and a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Negative ORP is the “antioxidant and anti-inflammatory” component of this type of water, and is simply explained by one medical doctor as “negative equals positive benefits.” For example, soft drinks are one of the highest oxidants that you can put into your body, and oxidants can damage cellular molecules in the body, causing disease and inflammation according to one study. 

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

Alkaline antioxidant water uses a purification process different from the typical reverse osmosis or distillation practices most bottled water is produced from. The twelve-step purification process Water Tree Newnan uses is known as Ceramic Conversion, which “utilizes an array of ionized materials embedded in ceramic media to impart their powerful properties into water,” according to a brochure obtained by The City Menus. The brochure continues, “This process breaks down water molecules into micro clusters that allow for more rapid delivery to your cells and gives the added benefits of alkalinity, antioxidant power, and a clean taste that regular water just can’t be compared to. Our water provides a superior hydrating effect at the cellular level which can help to balance and detoxify the body.” According Naturopathic Practitioner Dr. Robert Young and other scientists, “The more alkaline you keep yourself, [the more] your body will metabolize and or break down all the acid by-products of cell respiration, which produces a healthier you.” 

Garry says, “The question often asked is who should be drinking alkaline water? The answer is simple–everyone from older children to individuals who are 89 years young! However, it is important to note that alkaline antioxidant water is not a ‘cure all’ and is not recommended for babies and small children, so please consult with your physician or pediatrician as you make changes to better your and your family’s health.”

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

The Water Tree Newnan has three different water varieties available: Natural pH (7.5-8.5), Classic pH (8.5-9.5), and Premium Plus pH (9.5-10.5). Different sizes are also available including five-gallon bottles (with or without spout), one-gallon bottles (frosted or ultra clear), 1.5 and one-liter bottles, and multi-packs (6-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack). Prices range anywhere from $0.75 (one-liter natural) to $37.75 (five-gallon bottle with spout). 1.5 liter, one-gallon, and five-gallon bottles can also be brought back for refills with prices ranging from $1.00 (1.5 liter natural) to $18.75 (five-gallon premium plus) per refill. In addition to in-store sales, they offer drive-thru and carryout options. You can also fill up a gallon of water directly from inside the store.

The City Menus photographer Kial Hocker tried the water during our interview and said, “I could taste the power of Premium Plus. Better than what comes out of the clouds.”

Garry is very excited for Water Tree Newnan to be a part of the community and invites everyone to give them a try. “Basically, what I would like to say is thank you for trusting in us to produce healthy water for a healthy body. Change your water, change your life with Alkaline Antioxidant Water!”

Water Tree Newnan recently celebrated a Ribbon Cutting with the Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce on Monday, December 21. 

For more information about The Water Tree Newnan, visit their website at dreamtreefamily.com/newnan or give them a call at 470.414.1808.

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