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Revive Your Joy and Passion in Life with K Life Coaching

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

We are all living in the surreal world of Covid 19. Our lives have been interrupted and in some cases pretty much dismantled. Maybe we lost our job because our employer shut down. Maybe we are just out of high school or college and the prospects we assumed would be available just aren’t there anymore. What do you do? How does one move forward in a new environment? How do you identify and pursue your passion, and manage to make a living? 

On the other hand, maybe the job front is okay right now, but all that working from home, homeschooling the kids, constant togetherness, and financial issues, have taken a toll on your relationships. You love your family, but maybe each of you is starting to feel Covid Fatigue. How do you reboot your emotions in order to learn to enjoy every day, despite social distancing, social isolation, or too much togetherness?

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

Kizie (pronounced Kee Cee) Clayton of K Life Coaching wants to help you examine your short term and long term goals and find out how to bring them to fruition despite our current social situations. Ms. Clayton has been employed as a nurse for several years.  She recently received her Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health and Wellness from University of West Georgia. During her time as a nurse case manager she was required to visit with patients and talk to them about how they were feeling emotionally as well as physically. She often felt like she wanted to intervene, but it wasn’t her place to do so at that time. Later she became a hospice nurse so she could help the very ill and their families accept the transition with a sense of peace. 

From that experience, Kizie determined that she would use her experience and education to help coach people who were in situations that left them feeling lost and helpless. After being trained in life coaching, she now offers K Life Coaching which she feels is much needed right now. 

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

“I know my life’s passion is supporting those who just need someone to help them determine what’s missing in their life. Where do they go from here? How can they reach their fitness goals? Which profession is their passion? How can they renew their relationships? And so on. Many people just need someone to be their sounding board–someone to ask the right questions and help us find the answers within ourselves. “I want to be that person for my community,” Kizie says. 

Find out more and schedule an appointment at www.klifecoaching.org

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