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    Heirloom Bakeshop Is Sweet on Newnan, Downtown Location Now Open

    What’s better than having one location at which to buy delicious Heirloom Bakeshop donuts, pastries, and coffee? Why, TWO locations, of course!

    Most of us are familiar with Heirloom Market Co. and Bakeshop, the boutique with a bakery and coffee shop, located in Sharpsburg, Georgia. Many of us have wished we lived closer so we could take advantage of the deliciousness of a fresh-made pastry and a steaming cup of amazing coffee while shopping the market.  

    Well, now you can! Laura and Justin Gibson, owners of the Heirloom Market Co. and Bakeshop Team proudly–and excitedly–announce the opening of their new location at 12 Jefferson Street in Newnan!

    When asked, “Why Newnan?”, Laura replied, “We love our community! We learned there are a lot of Newnanites that aren’t really able to make it over to us in Sharpsburg often enough, so we wanted to bring the tasty treats created by Executive Pastry Chef Casey Anderson and Executive Chef Matt Wien to our friends in downtown Newnan. 

    “We have a donut truck now,” Laura said, “which happened out of desperation during the early days of Covid 19. We needed a new way to run the business to reach those who were quarantined. We prayed a lot over this business, and when we started praying, a food truck felt like the most fun and the best way to keep bringing Heirloom donuts to the community! We have LOVED visiting communities, schools, events, and businesses, and just having fun with it, while knowing the community loved it, too!” 

    With downtown business people and shoppers in mind, they decided on an “efficiency” layout. That is, you will come in, order, and walk along the display case. There is seating in the back and an outdoor courtyard with seating available, also. So you can take your order and scoot back to work, or sit for a while, enjoying fellowship with friends or conducting “sweet” business meetings. They will serve donuts, coffee, and baked goods, which will be prepared at their Sharpsburg location.

    Laura expresses her gratitude to the community and neighbors. “Thanks, guys! We want to be a fun place in Newnan for people to grab their coffee and donuts on the go or to stay and hang out! We also will support other local businesses in the area. We want to be a stable part of this warm, wonderful community,” Laura emphasizes. “So thank you ALL for loving us through all these changes in the past year. We know we don’t always get it right all the time, and we know you could go anywhere for coffee and donuts, but thanks for including us, supporting us, and loving us through it all!”

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    Sue Davis is a local freelance writer whose work can be seen in any COWETA Magazine issue over the last three years. She is the author of Lilly and Billy Visit the Farm, a picture book based on the history of Newnan, and she is published in two anthologies of short stories and various web-based content. Her interests include oil painting, reading, and baking “herbaceous” bread. Sue lives with her husband Larry and rescued golden retriever, Mariah, near historic downtown Newnan.