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Grazing New Pastures: Chick-fil-A U.S. 27 Rebuild Starts Tomorrow, March 4

The Chick-fil-A at 1316 U.S. 27 in Carrollton will close for their major rebuild at 8:00 p.m. tonight, March 3. After the expected closure of 20-22 weeks, chicken enthusiasts will get to enjoy a brand-new experience when the new replacement building opens. Their goal is to reopen by the time the school year starts in August. “Everything will be scrapped from the ground up,” said Owner/Operator David Daniels. “The entire building, all pavement and every curb will be scrapped down and rebuilt.”

The location has greatly evolved since David Daniels took over operations 25 years ago. Back then there was only one person working a one lane drive through, whereas now he utilizes 19 employees for his two-lane drive through during peak hours. Once finished, the new Chick-fil-A will feature an additional third drive through lane, a bigger dining area, and a smoother way in and out of the property. Daniels says, “We will not have a playground at this location, but we will use that space for more tables and to make a private room for our employees to use for if they have to do homework before their shift, take their lunch breaks, or other things they might need to use the room for.”

Chick-fil-A has a rotation for maintaining their stores. Every few years, each restaurant will go through a small refresh or renovation to keep the store updated, make modifications to drive thrus, update kitchen equipment, etc. The last time the Highway 27 location had a renovation of any kind was back in 2014, but it has never had a complete rebuild from the ground up, and guests are in for a much better experience. “Every five to seven years we try to hit our stores to address some key improvements that are needed, and we do full scrape and rebuilds every 25-30 years,” said Daniels.

The big question people have been asking is ‘Where will we get our chicken for the next five or six months?’ All employees from the U.S. 27 location will be moving temporarily to the other Chick-fil-A at 1156 Bankhead Highway. They will be expanding the drive through at Bankhead to accommodate the influx of cars as well as bringing in additional kitchen equipment. Daniels adds, “Lowes has also been gracious enough to lend us some of the space in their parking lot so that we can have a temporary food trailer to continue to keep serving food on U.S. 27. The menu will be limited and it will obviously not be the same capacity as the regular restaurant, but it does give guests a chance to stay on that side of town for chicken. “We understand it will take a while for us and our guests to get used to the changes, but we have a great senior leadership team here, and I am confident this will be a great experience for everybody,” Daniels elaborated.

Chick-fil-A’s followers and the community area are looking forward to the new and improved Chick-fil-A this summer! Check their Facebook page for more updates and details by clicking here.

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