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Protecting and Giving Back, The Whorton Agency Is Here for You

Abigail in Mrs. Griffin’s classroom at Central Elementary School for World Read Aloud Day

The Whorton Agency is here for you in Carrollton and throughout West Georgia and East Alabama.  Whether it’s outfitting a fellow small business with proper coverage, partnering with a new family to protect them on the road or donating to our local schools, they are focused on serving and bettering our community every day.

Founded by the Whorton family patriarch, Bill Whorton, The Whorton Agency is being carried on by an incredible group of individuals handpicked by Bill himself, including his daughter Abigail Whorton. Together, this team is redefining what you think when you hear the term “insurance.”

Linda Whorton, Beth Hobbs and Galen Hobbs at the Central Middle School Cupcake Chase

“My Mom [Linda Whorton] and I have a deep desire to give back to our hometown – something that she and my Dad shared,” says Abigail. “This business is a blessing not only for us but for those we have the opportunity to impact, and we’ve decided that it’s time to dig deeper into our commitment to giving back.”

“Educators and students, for example,” Abigail elaborates. “My Mom retired after 31 years in education in 2020, and my sister now teaches first grade. Without knowing the needs they’ve seen in the classroom time and again over the years, I wouldn’t have any real concept of just how much a little help can mean for so many.”

With this in mind, The Whorton Agency is determined to work with charities and organizations that focus on making our community a better place for women, children and families in need. Not dissimilar to how they operate within their own business.

The Whorton Agency team and families supporting the UWG Foundation at this year’s Presidential Black Tie Gala

“Women are so powerful, and more commonly, we’re seeing women making major household decisions, like purchasing insurance,” says Abigail. “Insurance is protection. Protection for your family and the life that you’ve built, and by partnering together with local families, we can impact our clients’ lives for the better and in turn, the lives of those around us.”

Pairing work and heart together is a beautiful thing. Give The Whorton Agency the chance to tailor a protection plan unique to your family for you – and lend your very own helping hand today. (thewhortonagency.com/insurance)