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Locally Famous Ice Cream Is Rocketing to Silver Comet Trail

The popular butter’dudder ice cream company is continuing to grow and expand locations! Located in Bremen and on Adamson Square, a new location will be opening in Hiram by the Silver Comet Trailhead at Homer Leggett Memorial Park. The location will be centered around a few key fixtures in the city. “We’re sure the joggers, walkers, and cyclists on the Silver Comet Trail will enjoy a delicious butter’dudder snack as part of their travels,” says owner Jim Rafferty and their Marketing Manager April Rafferty.” “Not to mention, there is the Hiram Hounds dog park next door, where we will offer pup-cups for sale.  And behind us is a children’s playground.  Then next door is the sheriff’s office in a red train caboose.  It’s like a real-life ‘Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood’!”

The new Hiram location will be at 531 Seaboard Avenue at the Homer Leggett Park/Silver Comet Trailhead. There is also another location coming to Monroe, GA in the not-so-distant future that will be located in a large shopping center anchored by a Publix. “It will host a full lineup of major retailers, restaurants and even a hotel in the future, said the Raffertys. “It is the only plaza like it for 12 miles and sits at the junction of three major highways: US 78, GA 138, and GA 11. butter’dudder will offer our premium ice cream, made on site, similar to our original location in Bremen.”

How does butter’dudder keep growing at the rate that it is? The Raffertys credit it to their great customer base and the appreciation for locally made goods. “We continue to be grateful for our customers and employees, all of whom have combined to bring butter’dudder continued success and growth,” said the Raffertys. “Also, we would love to thank our customers for voting us the best ice cream, milkshakes, and dessert 4 years in a row with the Times Georgian.”

Give butter’dudder a look to satisfy your next sweet tooth! And to learn more information about how to book one of their ice cream trucks, Blue Moo or Cream Force One, visit their website: www.butterdudder.com.

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