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UWG Productions hits the airwaves

Professional learning opportunities abound at the University of West Georgia, and one such program – UWG Productions, a student-led production group – delivers live broadcasting of UWG’s athletic and signature events so both in-person attendees and viewers from around the world can enjoy the show.

Students in UWG Productions gain hands-on experience right from the start, learning the ins and outs of camera work, directing, audio and video editing, and much more.

“Being part of UWG Productions was a phenomenal experience for me,” said Andrea Epps ’21, a recent UWG graduate. “When I got to Go West, I wanted to be able to say I worked in my field before I graduated. I learned new skills through UWG Productions that have impacted me on every set I’ve been on since.”

Kai Morgan, another student leader in the group, said it was an incredible learning experience that began on the first day of her involvement.  

“My favorite part is how it was instantly hands-on from day one,” said Morgan. “From the start, we were handed a camera, brought to a practice, and had the opportunity to film and learn as we went.” 

Whether students have a love for athletics, enjoy being behind the camera capturing the action, or have a passion for creation and broadcast editing, UWG Productions puts students in the driver’s seat.

The university recently built a new production room featuring industry-level equipment, which allows students to learn using the same software and tools they will use in a career in production after graduation.

“I have students come in with no experience, and in a year or two, they can be ready to go work for a network like ESPN,” explained Corey Speights, UWG’s associate director of live event production and the organization’s adviser. “We give our students opportunities to shadow productions while they’re here. If the students are good enough, they can get on a network production while they’re enrolled. I think that it is invaluable for a student to be able to work in the industry while completing their studies.”

For Carrington Bothwell, a graphic design major and freshman at UWG, the organization has already made a difference in the quality and value of his educational experience. 

“When I first toured the new production room, I fell in love with UWG Productions,” said Bothwell. “I’ve always loved being around that type of environment, so I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Working on the graphics during the games really helps me maintain and grow my skills in graphic design.”

The control room, professional equipment, team and experiences shared by the students of UWG Productions help shape both the creative process and the students’ professional journeys into a fulfilling career in live broadcasting.

“I didn’t know I had an interest in sports production until I joined,” said Joi’anna Partee. “In the control room, we get to try out directing, producing and all the different areas that go into production. My favorite part is being behind the camera, but I like that we all get to try our hand at everything. It’s given me a look at the variety of positions that go into broadcasting.”

Each member of the student-led program plays an important role and works together with other students as a cohesive team. 

“It’s not as scary as it seems,” explained Partee. “There are so many people there to help guide you, and you’ll never be thrown into the deep end. We’re all learning together, and it’s a very encouraging environment to be in.”

Students interested in live production as a career path – and those looking for an exciting way to get involved with sports and learn new skills – can find a home at UWG Productions by completing this interest form.

“There’s a great vibe in the production room,” explained Shamiah Pittman, a sport management major at UWG. “We feel like a family, and we bring new people in like family.”