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Strut That New Look from Thomas Struts Southern Haberdashery, Now Open

Finding the fit that suits your lifestyle just got easier with a new men’s shop in Tallapoosa. Named after a strutting tom turkey, Thomas Strut’s Southern Haberdashery celebrated a Grand Opening just a few weeks ago. We sat down with shop owner Taylor Jackson, who described how the concept was born, “My friends and I were sitting around one day talking about how hard it was to shop for clothes, and within a few minutes we came up with a concept for a men’s shop and drew up a logo.” He laughed, “Picking a name wasn’t too hard, since living in the south we thought that the name Thomas Struts would be quite fitting.” 

Taylor’s family run Tallapoosa’s Crossroads Furniture, which they opened in 1968, so business is definitely in his roots. The start of the pandemic in 2020 set back Taylor’s optimism for the men’s shop considerably, so things were quite delayed. He also wasn’t able to get the brands he was originally looking to carry. 

However, these setbacks gave him time to get the former Wrights Army Store renovated and ready to open. Taylor elaborated, “Our family’s had first dibs on purchasing the property, which we had done several years ago, so we’ve had it for a longtime. It took an extensive amount of remodeling to turn it into a storefront for Thomas Strut’s. It’s really the best visible spot in Tallapoosa on the corner of Head Avenue with ample parking and entrances on both sides.” 

Thomas Strut’s carries southern-style men’s clothing and also offers youth and toddler clothes from companies like Old South, Old Row, and Fieldstone. He adds, “We have all natural men’s soaps, stuff for the beard, and countless other things for men’s hygiene.” You’ll find several interesting nick-nacks for your everyday use, too. Coming soon will be Thomas Strut’s own brand of apparel such as hats and shirts. 

Taylor thanks everyone for their support, “With this being a small town community, everybody has shown their support, and we are here just trying to do something for the men here because they don’t really have anywhere to go for clothing.” Most importantly, he wants to send his girlfriend, Christina Payton much appreciation as she helped put the store together and is assisting Taylor running the shop. 

Thomas Strut’s Men Southern Haberdashery is located at 101 Head Avenue in Tallapoosa, Georgia, and can be reached by phone at 470-837-8043 or online by clicking here.