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In Their Own Words: Fuel Coffee Bar Opening in Hogansville

“What once was a mere conversation among my wife, Ashlea, and I during our anniversary trip in May 2019, became words in motion as we set to establish Fuel Coffee as a mobile coffee business. In just three short months, Fuel Coffee became an entity, building its first of six (6) hand-crafted mobile bars and set out to participate in the first of many events.

Ashlea and I were full-time employees of corporate America during the week, and full-time weekend entrepreneurs, serving cold brew coffee and teas Downtown Newnan, GA in the storefronts of local businesses.

In September 2019, we were approached by the property manager of a very large and lively workspace in Buckhead to operate as a workspace amenity for well over 1000 tenants. And so, we did! I decided to leave corporate America in 2019 to pursue my dream! We successfully occupied the space from October 2019 until the brink of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

As the world experienced the impact of COVID-19, we too were severely impacted. As people began to work remotely, we were forced to adjust our approach to serving coffee. We began to realize the need for coffee had not changed but more so the method of which to service our customers. Our focus then turned to coffee delivery to neighboring cities/businesses. As the world continued to adapt to change, as did we by also setting up in local neighborhoods/communities as well as catering outdoor weddings/events.

By September 2020, we were back in full mobile coffee service mode! One Saturday morning, while set-up in the Town at Trilith (formerly Pinewood Forest) community, the current CEO of Piedmont Fayette Hospital stopped by for a coffee, along with his daughter. The enjoyment of their White Chocolate Mocha with oat milk left such a lasting impression, that we were invited to serve over 1000 bottles of cold brew lattes for their employee appreciation in November 2020. It was there that interest was expressed for us to establish a workspace amenity at the hospital. And our first cup was served on Jan. 19th, 2021.

And now we’ve come full circle, by acquiring our first brick and mortar in the beautiful city of Hogansville. This city is such a gem, so full of amazing people, history and culture. We are humbled for the opportunity and elated to serve this community and anyone needing fuel for their journey!”