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GellyBall Adventures Offers Fun for the Entire Family

Recent event held at FBCVR in Villa Rica

Jacob Byrd, a professional paintball player, is bringing new ways to have family-friendly fun right to the backyards of west Georgia with GellyBall Adventures. GellyBall is similar in play to paintball but it is low impact and suitable for kids all the way up to adults. Byrd offers GellyBall event services in which he provides the equipment, protective gear, and field set up. He says, “This is a win-win. I come to you to set up everything versus having to have a birthday party at Showbiz or a skating rink.”

Byrd discovered GellyBalls while traveling to the World Cup Championship of Paintball. His interest in the game was sparked after eyeing a GellyBall play area, but as he was focused on competing, he didn’t think much of it that first year. The second year he was drawn in again when his son brought the GellyBall game back to his attention, and Byrd realized, “Wow, this is phenomenal because it is in between airsoft and paintball.” Byrd discovered that the GellyBalls are biodegradable and non-toxic. Once they hit a player, they either bounce off or disintegrate, and then dehydrate. “It doesn’t leave that big a sting. I can start kids out at age five playing this,” he says.

Byrd will bring the game of GellyBall to any type of yard or outdoor space, “I come there, set up, do my thing, and when I walk away everything looks the same.” This final stage is possible because the GellyBalls are about the size of Orbeez when water-hydrated, but after being used they shrink to a petite size. Once they hit a player they either bounce off or dehydrate, and then disintegrate. “ No mess, no clean-up.” Just good clean fun!

To get the Gellyball Adventures experience for your party or event you can contact Byrd through his Facebook page by clicking here or call (876) 380-9883. Tell him your party size and desired date, he gives you a quote, and you’re ready to go.

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