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Inoventive Benefits Consulting Celebrates Ribbon Cutting of new Villa Rica Location

Marcy Heath has been a pillar in the West Georgia community for over 26 years.  She began Insurance Solutions of the South in 2015, which offers individual health, dental, vision and life insurance coverage and, a few years later, in 2017, Marcy founded Inoventive Benefits Consulting to serve the rapidly growing group benefits market. A ribbon cutting was held on Tuesday, October 4 at the new Villa Rica location at 1 Community Square in the beautifully renovated Regions Bank building. Community leaders, The City Menus, and the Chamber of Commerce were all in attendance at the ribbon cutting celebration. McGee’s Bakery in Carrollton provided the delicious cakes and Josh McCorsley of Good Neighbor provided the wonderful fruit and finger food arrangements.

Marcy had this to say when speaking about the recent growth, “Our employee benefits business took off and grew exponentially,” Marcy proclaimed. “In fact, I received an award in 2018 as a “Top Women in Benefit Consulting” from EBA (Employee Benefit Advisor / Publication), and last year we received an award for “Largest Organic Growth” from the Association for Insurance Leadership. 

Marcy explained that 90% of the company’s growth comes from referrals. In selling employee benefits, her team serves as consultants to small, medium and large business owners who seek advice when choosing the appropriate coverage for their employee needs at the most affordable rates. Cookie cutter plans on a spreadsheet simply don’t work for the employer nor the employee.  My team has the ability to custom design a comprehensive employee benefits package that is both cost effective for the employer while offering affordable, high quality benefits for the employees. “Status quo brokers have created MILLIONS of functionally uninsured individuals by raising medical deductibles and increasing the maximum out-of-pocket each year to handle rising costs.  Employees are faced with deductibles averaging between $5,000 – $10,000 and that isn’t financially feasible in many cases, so we help companies find the best insurance structure that works best for them and their employees.”

Courtesy of Marcy Heath

Marcy explains, “Inoventive Benefits Consulting consults a company in West Georgia which recently received a $40,000 refund check from the carrier because of the built in solutions that assist with mitigating high claims and prescription costs. Another business, RBG Foods, Inc., which is the home company of Piggly Wiggly locally, received a $9,000 refund.”

Marcy encourages all business owners to explore their options when it comes to employee benefits. “I know it is possible to get great coverage and low deductibles at a reasonable rate, and you and your employees deserve nothing less,” she says. 

Inoventive Benefits Consulting’s expanded location is in Villa Rica on the first floor of the Regions Bank building, 1 Community Square Boulevard, Suite 102, right beside Villa Rica City Hall. The cheerful team offers both walk-in and scheduled appointments for clients.

Their satellite office still exists for customers at 200 Buchanan Street, North, Bremen, Georgia.  The Bremen office will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays to continue to serve the community in Haralson County. To learn more about Inoventive Benefits Consulting, click here , call 678.821.3508 or email [email protected].