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Balloons by Ashley Is Setting the Stage for Lasting Memories

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2023)
Lindsey Creel Photography LLC

Balloons by Ashley has been making events pop in Carrollton since 2017. It started from the owner’s wanting to create a stellar birthday party for her stepson on a budget. “I didn’t have a lot of money for decorations, but I had enough for balloons.” She did what anyone in the 21st century would do–she watched a YouTube tutorial. 

After creating some pieces for friends’ events, she realized that she had a knack for this, and “It kind of just shot off from there,” she says. 

Ashley creates a variety of work including columns, garlands, arches, table arrangements, and more. She has done work for schools, dealerships, business retreats, and even Carrollton’s own Tanner Medical Center. 

Ashley also makes “grab and go’s”, which are small, quick arrangements on short notice. She says, “You don’t have to get a large extravagant arrangement from me. I can do something within your budget, and you can come pick it up,” she continues, “so nothing is too big and nothing is too small.”

She travels anywhere through west Georgia but is also willing to go out of state and has done work in Alabama and North Carolina. 

She concludes, “I would really just like to thank them for supporting me throughout these years.” 
Check out her packages and book on her website here or find her on Facebook by clicking here.