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Temple Middle Earns National STEM Certification

Nationally STEM certified Temple Middle School faculty and administration celebrated the campus’s certification with district personnel and community partners at a celebration event March 28.

Temple Middle School has been named a National STEM Certified Campus by the National Institute for STEM Education making a total of 12 Carroll County Schools campuses with the distinction.

NISE-certified STEM campuses have implemented 21st-century learning and strategies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that transform school culture and maximize student achievement. Only 2 percent of schools in the nation are nationally STEM certified.

In addition to TMS becoming a NISE National STEM Campus, six TMS teachers also earned their individual STEM certification: Blair Cole, James Cooper, Tracie Cooper, Tanya Diedrich, Penny Saurino, and Melanie Williams. Also, Principal Cynthia Beers and Assistant Principal David Rooks are National STEM certified administrators.

“STEM education is a priority in Carroll County,” Carroll County Schools Superintendent Scott Cowart said. “We emphasize future-focused thinking and skills at all of our schools, and STEM concepts are a great way to teach students to be goal oriented and have a growth mindset. STEM practices are a strong foundation to create lifelong learners.”

TMS is also district STEM certified, under a process only three school systems in Georgia utilize. Seventeen Carroll County Schools campuses have district STEM certification.

“The NISE Certification process has helped create a school-wide STEM culture that is focused on the future and will benefit society as a whole,” TMS Principal Cynthia Beers said. “I am so very proud and grateful for the work of our teachers in helping create a school where students are pushed to stretch beyond the ordinary in pursuit of extraordinary.”

Carroll County Schools continues to be a leader in STEM education with 18 District STEM certified schools, 12 Nationally STEM certified schools, and 1 Internationally STEM certified elementary school. Carroll County School System is one of only three districts in Georgia to have a District STEM certification process and the only system in the state with a STEAM certification process.