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Healthy Options Arriving at Bremen High School Students

Crispy cucumbers, sizzling grilled chicken, and crunchy lettuce fill Bremen High School’s latest cafeteria addition: a fully stocked, diversely curated, locally sourced salad bar. This salad bar, funded by Bremen City Schools Nutrition, will enhance school cafeteria menus by providing fresh, nutrient-dense options via a visually pleasing array of salad essentials and toppings. From fiber-rich berries to protein-packed meats, this salad bar is sure to enchant students year round.

Jessica Peaden, Director of School Nutrition at Bremen High School, shares that there will be at least 30 options for students to create their own unique salads.

“[There will be] so many options, which is exciting!” she exclaims. “The more fresh fruits and vegetables we can offer, the better.”

Peaden also shares that with so many options, it’ll be interesting to see what the kids’ salad combinations reveal. Thankfully, students will have plentiful opportunities to experiment making salads that cater to their unique tastes, while also improving their vitamin and fiber intake.

According to a Johns Hopkins Medicine article, millions of people experience severe gut sensitivity due to poor diet. The article suggests consuming foods like leafy greens and low-fructose fruits to fortify day to day meals, and many of those foods will be present in the colorful array of the salad bar.

“We know we eat with our eyes first,” Peaden remarks. “That’s why we have put so much effort into the salad bar’s presentation.”

Boiled eggs, dried cranberries, broccoli, cheese, and even chicken salad will be arranged in a clean and organized manner under scratch-resistant glass with spotlights illuminating the vibrant colors, textures, and temperatures of the bar’s options. And not only will the bar bedazzle anyone’s curious glances, it’ll be located in a high-traffic area in the cafeteria where it can easily draw students in. Peaden also adds that the bar will have space to later incorporate an iced coffee or even a smoothie bar.

“Fueling students so that they can do their best in class each and every day by offering great quality meals full of fruits and vegetables is what we are striving for,” she beams.

In addition to the students, Peaden revealed that many of the staff members have expressed their interest in having a new dining option. Approved visitors, such as parents and guardians, are also welcome to try out the salad bar with their students. Visitors will simply need to check in with the front office.

With new nutritious and delicious options coming to Bremen High School, lunch break just got more elevated!

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