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CAVA New Mediterranean Eats Close to Opening

CAVA will soon bring Mediterranean deliciousness to Peachtree City. Opening in the middle of June, the fast-casual chain will be taking the place of Zöes Kitchen. CAVA offers customizable bowls, pitas, and side options served in a Chipotle-esque assembly line fashion. “I’m excited to see all of our regulars that would come and take the chance on trying out CAVA,” says Kat Lyle, the store’s manager.

“We make [food] fresh,” Kat promises. CAVA’s offerings include dressing, sauces, juices, and more made from scratch. “We literally puree the cucumbers…We have cucumber [mint lime], a strawberry citrus, a blueberry lavender, and then of course lemonade, and jasmine tea.”

As for the salad bowls, grain bowls, and pitas, Kat says, “You don’t order and get your food later, you get it right then…. We have braised lamb, spicy meatballs. We still have falafel, and we have two different types of chicken – spicy and regular.” Brown or white rice can be included, and Kat adds, “We have a veggie rice, for those people that can’t have regular rice.”

Customers have the option to order specific bowls or pitas such as lemon chicken bowl, harissa avocado bowl, tahini cesar bowl or the spicy lamb meatball pita, Greek chicken pita, crispy falafel pita. You can also explore all of CAVA’s options and build your own.

Kat’s favorite item on the CAVA menu is the falafel, “but the pita chips are amazing,” she says. “They’re the perfect mixture of crispy and soft. And we just put a [bit of] salt and pepper mixture on them.”

“You can even get ‘em with a dip if you want… a little bit of hummus or a little bit of what we call ‘crazy feta’,” she says. Other choices include sides of red pepper hummus, harissa, tzatziki, and eggplant. But Kat emphasizes, “Crazy feta is so good. It has jalapenos. it’s a little spicier and a little more cool flavored.”

If you’re looking for sweets, CAVA is bringing blondies, brownies, and salted chocolate oat cookies.

Kat asks customers to be patient while these changes are in progress. She says, “A lot of our same staff are going to be there, and we’re excited to be back, and it’s going to be just a new, exciting, energetic place to be.”

CAVA is located at 2777 West Highway 54 and open from 10:45 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Check out their menu online here or visit them on Facebook to keep up with all things CAVA.

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