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Foxtail Coffee Co. Brewing Soon in PTC

Citizens of Peachtree City will soon have a Foxtail Coffee in their own backyard. Foxtail Coffee Co. is bringing its responsibly sourced coffee, unique syrups, breakfast bites, and welcoming atmosphere into PTC. Opening mid-June near the Aldi, this coffee shop will have extra convenience and comfort with the addition of a drive-through and an outdoor patio.

John Wylie, Newnan and Peachtree City franchise owner, says, “We have a lot of people who travel over to the Newnan store… [and] we felt like there was a need for the type of coffee that we do in Peachtree City.”

“We feel it’s a whole experience. From the quality of the drink to the atmosphere to the service. When most fast-food coffee places are just trying to get people in and out to save money, hurting the taste of the coffee, we’ve done the opposite. We want people to hang out, we want to give ‘em better quality ingredients, and we wanna give ‘em an option for people who want good coffee rather than fast coffee.”

Foxtail Coffee uses beans from small producers in Ecuador, Colombia, and Ethiopia. John says, “Our goal is to focus on the quality of the coffee from sourcing of the beans and roasting the beans to the machines that we use to prepare them [and] the recipes.”

Expect brewed coffee, cold brews, espresso, and specialty drinks such as matcha or chai lattes. “There’s a lot of thought that’s put into it from start to finish.” He adds, “We don’t cut any corners.”

John’s favorite drink is a cortado – two ounces of espresso and two ounces of steamed milk – but customers love lattes with their choice of coffee syrup added. Looking for a quick bite? John loves the quiche, while their croissant sandwich is also popular.

John gives thanks to the city and says, “We want everybody to feel welcome. We want everybody to know that it’s a place where they can come and hang out and have good coffee.”

To order online or for more information on Foxtail Coffee Co. visit their website here.

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