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Climate-Controlled Facility Coming to Bankhead in Carrollton

Photo by Bren Williamson

The former Bankhead Grill and Bar location is turning into something totally different, transitioning from a restaurant to a U-HAUL climate-controlled facility. The new one-story building located at 1202 Bankhead Highway, will be 35-feet tall and 15,935 square feet. The difference between this climate-controlled facility and a regular storage unit is that being able to control the temperature takes the edge off outside temperatures, offering more protection from humidity and temperature fluctuations. This allows the owner’s items to be retrieved from storage in the same condition they went in.

U-HAUL’s storage units’ temperatures are maintained between 65 and 85 degrees, consistently providing year-round protection for an individual’s items that need protection from the weather, including humidity.

Non-climate units are best for items that would be stored in a basement, garage or shed. Some examples of items that can need climate control are electronics, clothing, appliances, wood/metal furniture, fabrics, leather, mattresses, photos, books, medical supplies, musical instruments, office supplies, important documents, CDs, DVDs, and sentimental items.

Without climate control, the negative results on such items can range from cracking, warping, molding, mildewing, and loss of value.

After the facility’s construction, people interested in reserving a storage unit can go to U-HAUL’s website to reserve a unit that is best for their needs.

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