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Iced Tea Focused Brand Entering Peachtree City

HTeaO announced it has signed a franchise development agreement with local entrepreneurs, Jennifer Conkle and Jennifer Milanesio. Details of the agreement include opening a new HTeaO franchise in Peachtree City, GA over the next year making this location the first for the brand in the state.

Jennifer Conkle is a lifelong Georgia resident who spent the last 12 years managing dental offices in the area, raising her family and wanted to branch out into her own business. Jennifer Milanesio has spent the last 15 years in Las Vegas where she worked in casinos, but wanted to branch out further as a member of an investment club and an entrepreneur with HTeaO. The pair teamed up because of collective passion for growing small businesses, and we’re excited to become the first HTeaO franchisees in the state of Georgia.

“Bringing an iced tea focused brand to the peach state felt like the perfect move for us,” said Milanesio, owner of HTeaO in Peachtree City. “Once we got our first taste of HTeaO when traveling in Texas, the stars aligned with us both knowing how big this brand could get, especially in a state full of tea drinkers. We are excited to be the first franchisees to introduce the brand to Georgia, and will consider expanding in the region over time.”

HTeaO is committed to providing a high-quality product, with all its ingredients fresh and 100 percent natural, in a fun and clean environment. Known for its 26 flavors of ultra-premium teas ranging from mint to mango fresco, these caffeinated and decaffeinated tea varieties come in both sweet or unsweet options, and any flavors can be combined to create something unique. The menu also features hot and cold tea and coffee drinks, such as the Texas Chai Tea Latte, Iced Horchata coffee and other coffee favorites.

In addition to its wide array of teas and coffees, each location offers several healthy grab-and-go snacks, home brew kits, ground and whole bean coffee, apparel and accessories. The community-driven organization also believes in brewing with purpose. Every cup can make a difference, and locations frequently host promotions to give back.

HTeaO has created its own supply chain, to ensure each store receives all essential products, and helps keep costs low. Striving for precise consistency, each store is equipped with its own proprietary water plant, creating pure and consistent tasting water.

Press Release from HTeaO via Peachtree City