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Frustrated with Traditional Healthcare? Join Access Med MD’s Direct Primary Care in Newnan

West Georgia residents can now drop the frustrations of traditional healthcare and commercial health insurance behind with Access Med MD – Direct Primary Care now open at 10 Ashmore Drive in Newnan! This membership-based clinic offers unlimited primary care visits, discounted in-house labs, and whole-sale price medications, cutting out the middleman “insurance” typical in our healthcare system.

Dr. Vishwas Kadam, Internal Medicine Physician and Nutrition Specialist, founder of Access Med MD-Direct Primary Care, opened his clinic on Sunday, March 4th, the determination and hope in his smile evident. With his clinic offering no-rush visits and bypassing insurance in favor of flat-rates, the ribbon-cutting celebration proved to be symbolic in several ways.

Even though he and his family have lived in India, the UK, Missouri & Alabama, for over a decade Dr. Kadam and his family have called Newnan their home. However, both he and his wife, Dr. Ravina Kadam worked outside Newnan, an observation he took to heart and sought to change.

“I always wanted to open up a clinic in a community I call home,” he stated. “Serving this particular community means a lot to me.” He added that his two sons attend schools around Newnan, that he visits local businesses, and that he himself wanted to build up the community in his own way with affordable and respectful healthcare.

The level of care he desired to provide the Newnan community required him to be present in the community. When the time was right, he planned and opened Access Med MD -DPC in Newnan, a Direct-Care facility focused on high-quality, professional care where patients will receive meticulous, thorough health services in a no-rush environment. The Direct Care model continues to gain popularity in the face of large, profit-driven hospitals and other healthcare facilities because of the genuine care and lack of health insurance drama. Healthcare that is transparent and hassle free.

Dr. Kadam understands and seeks to eliminate one of the patients’ main pain points in healthcare by bypassing insurance altogether. He offers reasonable membership prices to patients ages 18 and older, that cover unlimited primary care visits as well as many in-house procedures like ear wax mitigation, cryotherapy, testing. Patients ages 18-44 can join for $60/month, and patients ages 45 and over can join for $80/month.

Dr. Kadam adds that to accommodate for some patients’ hesitancy, he offers a flat-rate walk-in price of $50 per visit.

The ultimate way Dr. Kadam cuts red tape for patients is in the time he gives each and every visitor. He points out that it’s common for doctors to have thousands of patients under their care, but he wants to cap the number of patients at five- to six hundred so that they get the personalized care that is needed.

“My typical appointment [allowance] is thirty to forty-five minutes,” he beams. “I get to know the patient very well. They should not feel rushed.”

With no rushed appointments, patients can expect the best care possible for their money and times worth. As a board-certified nutrition specialist, Dr. Kadam not only provides medical care, but lifestyle advice and support you can trust for your weight gain or loss needs. Access Med MD – DPC will also offer video-call visits for further patient convenience.

“I am looking forward to taking care of the community and providing a direct, seamless healthcare option,” he summarizes.

“Healthcare can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Direct Primary Care is an affordable monthly subscription, Similar to a Netflix subscription or a gym membership or a cell phone bill – not the outrageous prices of most health insurances.”

Zero copays, convenient online scheduling options, near-wholesale prices on medications and blood tests, and even their doctor’s personal cell number. It’s like having a doctor in the family.

If you’re tired of high copays, insane wait times, rushed 8-minute doctor visits, join 250,000 other Americans that have already benefited from direct primary care. Want to learn more? Reach out to a DPC doctor in your area! Access Med MD – DPC is a practice near you. Call us at 678-829-6299 or visit our website www.AccessMedMD.com to make an appointment. Your journey to quality healthcare can finally find its destination, and it’s closer to home than you ever imagined!

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