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Billy Bob’s BBQ Serving YOU Since 1997

Below is a message from the owner of Billy Bob’s BBQ in Carrollton :

“Because of our loyal customer base, we’ve been open since 1997. The other day we had a couple come into our restaurant for the first time and say they had lived here in town since 1993 and had driven past our restaurant all that time. They finally decided to come in and eat after someone told them our food was really good. The gentleman told me he regretted not trying us a lot sooner and that they would be coming back a lot! Have you been driving by our humble little place on South Park Street/Hwy. 27 for many years and not stopped in yet?

Folks, we know everyone has busy schedules and favorite places they like to eat, but we would like to invite you to come in and give us a try. Why, you ask? The only answer I have for you is the restaurant business is hard, super hard, especially post covid. When people eat out, they expect two things, good food and good service.

We have been blessed by the support of our great customers whose loyalty has allowed us to stay open for over 25 years, and that leads us to believe we check both boxes. We also know not everyone eats barbecue, but we offer a whole lot more. Every day we’re open, we offer home-cooked vegetables, fresh-battered, deep-fried chicken tenders, New Orleans style crawfish étouffée and creamy cajun chicken–and believe me, it’s authentic. We also do country-fried chicken and hamburger steaks. Our mashed potatoes are real, and we cut our own French fries.

We serve tossed salads, BBQ salads, and grilled/fried chicken salads. Our ranch, 1000 island, and honey mustard dressings are all home made! Our burgers are to die for, always fresh, hand-patted, certified Angus beef, served plain, all the way, or whatever your heart desires! Every day we serve a meat and two vegetable lunch special with choice of Texas toast or cornbread and drink. We have amazing home-made banana pudding as well as an assortment of pies for dessert! We pretty much offer something for everyone, and we hope to see you soon right here at BillyBobs Bar-B-Q!! We are open Tuesday until Saturday 11:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. – As always, thank you to all our customers for your business! Click here for our delicious menu.”

Photo provided by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce during a recent celebration