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Fine Lines Art & Framing: Preserving Newnan’s Memories for 15 Years

Photo provided by Fine Lines

It’s safe to say that Cecelia Hilton and her crew of artists have invested thousands of hours over the course of Fine Lines’ 15-year existence. From preserving the life of a pet to commemorating a family home, the Art & Framing shop in downtown Newnan has continually honored the community through their careful brushstrokes.

To celebrate their anniversary, Fine Lines is offering discounts on their framing services! Read on for more information.

Hilton reminisces how the gallery and framing shop had scraped by and miraculously survived during the 2008 recession and the handful of years afterward. Any profit was unheard of, yet, Cecelia and her colleagues attribute the shop’s immediate neighborhood with keeping them afloat so they could continue to create pieces all their clients can love.

“The first few years were slow and no paycheck; we just took it one day at a time,” Hilton remarks. “Lindsey came on board, my manager. She was only on just one day a week. It was a challenge, but we made it work.”

Hilton also mentions that even with her employees’ working a few or even just one day a week, the community continued to entrust them with framing art and creating it, too.

“The community knows and loves us,” Hilton adds. “Our patrons understand their art is valuable. They don’t want to go to a big box store where someone runs the risk of not understanding or valuing their art.”

As an outward thank you to Newnan and the surrounding communities, Cecelia Hilton and Fine Lines Art & Framing want to invite you and yours to their month-long sale on 10 East Broad Street in Newnan. Until June 30th, they will be offering 15% off custom framing projects and 20% off if you follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also get to know their work by visiting their website, finelinesartandframing.com. The shop is open weekdays from 10:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. and Saturdays from 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M.

“The community has been so supportive,” Hilton asserts. “Today, a lady that picked up her piece was so happy with it. Every day we get those reactions, and that is always priceless. There are times people have cried, and sometimes it’s a sad story. But whatever people bring in, there’s a story. Whether it’s from Italy or they want a shadow box made for someone who’s passed, we are always willing and able to create pieces they will cherish.”

In the following months, Fine Lines plans to continue to team up with another local artist, David Boyd. For the past few months, they and many other businesses in the downtown area have stayed open late on the first Friday of the month, set out drinks and finger food, and watched downtown come to life. These Fridays, called First Friday Gallery Stroll, are wonderful opportunities for families and friends to enjoy a whimsical, leisurely walk through downtown under sunset hues and twinkling streetlights.

Most importantly, Cecelia Hilton and all the artists at Fine Lines Art & Gallery want to express their heartfelt gratitude, “We would like to say thank you to all those who have given us their trust and support.”

Fine Lines is sure to continue to wow the community for years to come.

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