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Kierston Phillips Announces Campaign For Chief Magistrate Judge

Photo provided by Kierston Phillips

Successful local attorney, Carroll County native, and Assistant Magistrate Judge Kierston Phillips announced today that she will run for Chief Magistrate Court Judge in 2024. The position is currently held by Nathaniel Smith who was appointed – not elected – to fill the position upon the appointment of Michael Hubbard to State Court. 

Said Phillips in her announcement, “I am excited to announce my campaign for Chief Magistrate. With deep roots in Carroll County, I am committed to keeping our community a great and safe place to live for our children. While this position may not get a lot of attention, it is an important role where decisions can result in real consequences. I firmly believe the people of Carroll County need someone on the bench with a proven record, trusted values, and unmatched experience. This is why I am running.” 

“Running for this position is about continuing my service to Carroll County through the Magistrate Court. I began working in the Court in high school and was appointed Assistant Magistrate in 2016. From labeling case files as an intern to adjudicating cases, Magistrate Court has been a large part of my life. On the bench, I have earned a reputation for fairness, efficiency, following the law, and striving to do the right thing. I have built strong relationships with local law enforcement – always being available to do what is necessary to assist them. I will continue that proven record as Chief Magistrate. 

“As Chief Magistrate, I will bring our Carroll County values and an unrelenting commitment to public safety to the bench. I will uphold the law to maintain law and order in our community. While at the same time, I will continue my proven commitment to fairness by treating others the way I would want to be treated, especially small, first-time offenders. 

“The people of Carroll County deserve a choice and the chance to decide at the ballot box who they trust to serve them. I want to continue my proven and trusted record as your Chief Magistrate. I look forward to earning the trust and support of the voters so I can continue to do my part to ensure that our families continue to enjoy the same safe, way of life we enjoy today,” concluded Phillips in her announcement.

More About Kierston Phillips

Kierston is a lifelong resident of Carroll County. During high school, Kierston attended the Advanced Academy of West Georgia, earning college credits while enrolled at Carrollton High School. After graduating high school in 2007, Kierston obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in 2008 and her Master’s in Public Administration in 2010, both from the University of West Georgia.

From there, Kierston went to law school at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and graduated in December 2012 with her Juris Doctor. Kierston was admitted to practice law in Georgia in 2013. 

With unmatched experience in Magistrate Court, Kierston began working in the court while she was in high school. She was appointed by long-term Chief Magistrate Alton P. Johnson, who passed away in March 2022, as an Associate Magistrate Judge in 2016, where she still serves today. 

Kierston is a Partner at McMahan, Perry, and Phillips in Carrollton, where the majority of her work is in litigation. She is a licensed mediator in general civil mediation, family/domestic, juvenile delinquency and domestic violence. She attends Tabernacle Baptist Church in Carrollton with her family.