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LaGrange Police Officers Honored by Wrap Technologies

Pictured from left to right; Wrap Technologies CEO Kevin Mullins, Captain Eric Lohr, Officer Jaclyn Mealer, Corporal Cody Bell, Sergeant Ley Wynne, Officer Hassan Harb. Not pictured, Officer Corey Phillips, Officer Michael Shaw, & Officer Zach Hall

Several LaGrange Police Officers were honored by Wrap Technologies, the company that supplies LPD with the BolaWrap Remote Restraint Device.

The company began a deployment recognition program to acknowledge and commend law enforcement officers who successfully utilize the BolaWrap device to achieve safer outcomes without necessitating the use of high levels of force. This program aims to recognize and commend officers who effectively employ the BolaWrap device, contributing to de-escalation and minimizing potential harm to both officers and subjects.

BolaWrap recognized Corporal Cody Bell, Officer Hassan Harb, Officer Jaclyn Mealer, Sergeant Ley Wynne, Officer Corey Phillips, Officer Michael Shaw, and Officer Zach Hall.

LaGrange Police Department tries to provide its officers with as many tools and resources as possible to assist in all encounters with citizens. If there is an arrest, the BolaWrap has become a great resource to make sure it is done so respectfully and humanely.

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