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Parsons Provides Update on Community Shelter

Photo provided: A serve team working from Roopville Road Baptist Church

Kathy Parsons of Impact West Georgia has been working hard alongside community members and partners to establish a community shelter to benefit those in need. She has provided an update on the status of the ongoing project.

The brand new commercial roof has been installed, and Parsons expressed gratitude for the donated building materials that were needed to complete that step in the project. The foam insulation has been installed around the new roof as well.  New windows have been ordered for the seven that need to be replaced. Plumbers have been working hard to complete the interior pipe laying, and this stage of the project should be completed shortly, Parsons noted. An  HVAC contractor has been contacted as a next step in the renovations, as well as the beginning process of the sprinkler system installation.  There are paint samples being considered, with the goal to pick the best exterior colors and coordinate them with the colors for the doors.

Trees have been trimmed away from the new roof, underbrush and weeds have been removed, and all the poison ivy has been killed off. “The gentlemen who are keeping the poison ivy away are not playing,” Parsons said in her update. She noted that they and Sheriff Terry Langley’s work crew have done a “super job.”

Parsons commented that the volunteers have “been amazing” in the demolition phase of the renovation: “We basically have a big, empty rectangle in the interior.” Experienced volunteers have started drywalling where they could at this stage of the renovations. Metal bed frames are being fabricated; and several sheets, blankets, comforters, towels, pillows, and washcloths have been donated for shelter use. 

There has only been one issue faced during this journey with someone’s using the dumpsters several times to unload construction debris not related to the project. Parsons stated that Carrollton Police Chief Joel Richards has been helpful in resolving this issue, and there will be a security camera installed if the problem continues.

Parsons concluded, “Thank you all for your support and for all you’ve done to help this shelter become a reality.”

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