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FlexTC Project receives national attention

Al Roker and a production crew from NBC’s TODAY Show along with representatives of the Subaru Corporation visited the Wynne High School campus – where FlexTC is actively building temporary school facilities sites – today for a special feature highlighting the district’s remarkable accomplishments in the aftermath of the March 31 tornado.

The TODAY Show and the Subaru Corporation presented high school teachers affected by the tornado with $500 gift cards to stock their classrooms, school supplies, and whiteboards. They also supplied ice cream for students and staff during their visit.

“We are honored Subaru and the TODAY Show chose us for this feature,” stated Aaron Russell, Communications Officer for the Wynne School District. “This highlights our district’s resilience and honors the teachers and students who have been through so much. To have them recognized in this way is truly special.”

Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Moore had these remarks regarding the work on this project: “We absolutely love the Delta! We wish we could keep it.”

Technology Coordinator Bo Kemp had these remarks as to the affect the partnership has had: “I had no idea you existed but I’m so glad you do.”

“It’s truly a humbling experience to see the hard work and dedication of this many stakeholders being acknowledged on a national platform. We are grateful for this moment and for the opportunity to be part of this re-building,” stated Camellia Chandler, Marketing and Communications Chief for FlexTC.

FlexTC is grateful to NBC, the TODAY Show, and the Wynne School District for their partnership.

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