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La Tonique Juicery Expanding to Newnan

With a successful four-year run in Peachtree City, La Tonique Juicery is expanding its healthy healing reach by the addition of a new location at the Kroger Thomas Crossroads shopping center.

“We are just about to start tearing down and then building the place [in Newnan],” said Bobby Akinyemi, owner-operator and juicer. 

The catalyst for the second store came from visiting Newnanites—“…customers come here and they keep asking me ‘When are you gonna open a store in Newnan?’ So we decided, okay, it’s the right time to do it,” said Bobby. 

The juicery makes health foods including cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, cleanses, sea moss, energy balls and teas that are focused on “natural, undiluted, and raw foods including vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, fruits, seeds, roots, and nuts,” their website says. 

If you’re looking for the most popular drink, you can’t go wrong, as Bobby says, “[e]verything that we make is popular from our juices to our smoothies.”

He adds, “We’re looking forward to having fun in Newnan and duplicating what we have in Peachtree City, “ and “I thank all of the customers. They’re the ones that are making the business grow.”

Keep an eye on the shopping center! La Tonique Juicery is expecting to open around Thanksgiving but Bobby cautions that it might be closer to the end of December. 

Find them at 3150 Hwy 34, Newnan, Georgia, suite 17, to the right of the Kroger; or check out their website and products here or on Facebook.

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