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A Place for Family: Sips Soda Shop Welcomes New Ownership and Additional Menu Items

Have you ever spritzed up your autumn cravings with a hazelnut soda? No? Well, Sips Soda Shop on Maple Street offers that and more within their one-of-a-kind, gourmet drink menu. Featuring soda mixes like their ‘Pep in Your Step’ – Pepsi, pomegranate, and fresh lime – and their iced caramel macchiato, Sips has everything your sweet tooth needs. Customers can even customize their drinks with a variety of sodas, purees, and syrups. Various toppings like caramel drizzle and chocolate shavings stand at the ready to complete the taste and the look of your drink.

This past summer Sips created a drink to celebrate the Barbie movie by naming a drink after it. The pink beverage includes lemonade, watermelon syrup, strawberry puree and vanilla cream. Another drink of the same color is the Watermelon Sugar, a pink energy drink made with Monster’s Ultra Watermelon. Sips created a red, white, and blue drink to celebrate UWG’s Homecoming events. As we roll into Fall and Winter, be sure to pick up a coffee which comes iced or hot with all your favorite flavors! You’ll also find delicious hot chocolate!

Recently Sips has come under new management and ownership. Since September first of this year, Gina Whitfield along with Kristy Kimball have operated this soda joint and are pleased to announce that even more flavors and outdoor seating will be added in the coming months.

“We want to be a place where family and friends can hang out, a place where students can do their homework, a place where parents can hold baby showers,” Kimball states.

At first, she says, many locals didn’t know what Sips had to offer; so, to build up a constituency, Whitfield and Kimball both invited their friends and family to try the drinks, which they make by hand. Eventually the drinks – and inadvertently their property – attracted what are now regular customers.

Located at 920 Maple Street, Sips occupies a quaint house painted baby blue bordered with white trim. Both Whitfield and Kimball add that even a local photographer brings her clientele to Sips for a drink and a photoshoot. Several high school seniors have had their photos taken in front of the cute restaurant.

Yes, Sips offers quick snacks for every busy parent and active child. Popcorn, blueberry muffins, coffee cake, and various bagels are there for all your carb cravings. However, they also have their signature Water Refreshers for a lighter beverage.

“We had always thought about opening a boutique,” Kimball and Whitfield admit. “But there’s nothing like this [soda shop] here!”

Stop by this week and experience Sips’ uniquely blended drinks through their renovated drive-thru! You can also visit them on their Facebook and Instagram for drink and snack updates. Sips is open from 9:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M., Monday through Saturday.