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Dallas Photography Studio Now Inspiring Photographers and Clients

Downtown Dallas now hosts a beautiful, twenty-four-hundred-square-foot nook for creatives. Equipped with portrait backdrops, sitting options, and exposed brick, Studio 219 is the place to book for your next photography or video session, meeting, or workshop. 

Owner Kelli Prewett shares that the unit used to be used as an antique store, but had been empty for a while. Her grandmother, Helen Jones, who owns the building, had wondered what to do with the space.

“The arched top windows provide so much natural lighting, I immediately imagined a photography studio here,” Kelli says.

Preserving the exposed brick and reapplying new white and sage green plaster in some areas, the studio retains that antique flare while providing a blank slate for creatives to conjure up something unique and timeless. The textured walls and hardwood floors lend a warmth that many studios lack. Since opening in August Prewett has enjoyed watching how different clients use the same space in completely individual and incomparable ways. The unit’s simplicity and open floor provide endless space for both clients and ingenuity.

“Seeing everyone’s pictures after they rent the space and how people translate the space differently is really neat!” Prewett expresses.

To garner interest, Prewett has hosted some open houses, which were largely successful in securing clients. Allowing potential renters to see what the studio has to offer attracted many, especially now with the chilly weather.

On that note, Studio 219 is offering two Christmas displays for clients to use until December 31st. The studio also offers a great place to shoot portraits with their seamless paper options in light pink, tan, and white – perfect for children’s birthday photos or professional headshots. When you book, you will have the whole studio to yourself. You can book for as short as an hour or as long as a day. Click here to book Studio 219. 

For now the rental only includes the space, but Prewett is working toward creating a list of preferred photographers for customers to book with as well.

“We also have been approved to host anything like meetings and workshops,” she points out. “The Studio would be a great place to have a bridal or baby shower! I will be hammering out those logistics for 2024 soon.”

Check out Studio 219 on Instagram and Facebook for seasonal updates, or their website for rates and availability. Book today for a sophisticated and elegant experience for all your photography or small gathering needs!

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