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Elite Sleep Professionals Making Dreams Come True

Photos by Bren Williamson

West Georgia, search no further than 211 Field Street in Bremen for your much needed sleep restoration. Elite Sleep Professionals offers certified sleep coaches who can help you tackle anything from insomnia to sleep apnea to shift work disorder. Patients can learn helpful and life-changing sleep habits and now purchase equipment to get that good night’s sleep.

“We offer in-home and in-lab sleep testing for our patients,” co-owner Tina Garrett states. “Our techs have the time and expertise to dig deep into the issues you’re facing when it comes to rest.” The sleep lab holds two bedrooms for the in-lab testing where patients sleep in a home-like environment. A sleep technologist stays overnight with them, monitoring heart rate, respiration, movements, and brain activity. Long gone are the messy electrodes with two-plus feet of wires tangling you up in your every move. Elite Sleep Professionals uses fewer electrodes to ensure the patient’s comfort and maximize accurate sleep data collection. Plus, patients get coffee and a muffin when they wake up!

Photos by Bren Williamson

Co-owner, Melody Johnson adds that patients do not have to wait long to receive their results from the clinic. Patients can have their results and be recommended a sleep treatment plan in as short as seven days, moving their journey forward as quickly as possible.

Garrett herself is one of the clinic’s five, Registered Polysomnographic Technologists, and in her sixteen years working with sleep patients, she is proud to be a part of the Elite Sleep Professionals group.

“We are here to listen,” Garrett emphasizes. “We also offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with people suffering from insomnia. In six to eight weeks we can help them sleep better – oftentimes when people felt there was no hope.”

Melody Johnson, co-owner, and Renee Payne, the Durable Medical Equipment Director also work diligently to support patients in the sleep lab, coaching, and with the purchase of CPAP machines and supplies. These “sleep geeks” are so passionate about their work that they started a non-profit and currently accept donated sleep machines like CPAPs and BIPAPS to be cleaned and made ready for those in need.

“Our Project 626, named after Matthew 6:26, aims to provide those in need with sleep machines and other DME [durable medical equipment] so they can get a good night’s rest.” Payne stated. You can donate monetarily to the charity on their website here.

Elite Sleep Professionals will be celebrating their second anniversary this month and want to thank all their patients for their support. In just this short time, the office is quickly outgrowing its space and looking for more room to care for its community.

To make an appointment, you can email [email protected] or call 770-538-1624. For updates and notifications about their services or patient testimonials, visit them on Instagram and Facebook. Click here to visit their website for their full list of products and services.

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