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Add Fantasy And Reality Together And You Get Whimzical Café

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2024)
Photos by Bren Williamson

An excellent restaurant is not that hard to find, but when you are looking for somewhere you can grab a bite to eat, be greeted by the owner, and feel as if you are with family, then Whimzical Café is the place you want to be. Co-owner Rachel Cochran’s original idea was to start an upscale wine bar in a different county, but after the deal fell through, she and her partner in the business, Peter Mayhew, questioned what to do next.  Rachel explains what happened after that and the idea that came to her, “But like in the middle of the night it hit me! No one around is making sandwiches, soup, or salad in the downtown area of Newnan Georgia.” 

Now that they had a plan, they needed to find a place to put it into action. As it happened one night Rachel and Peter found out the restaurant they were dining in was closing its doors that same night. After a conversation with the owners, they discovered they could take over the equipment as well as the lease.  Yet the road to opening Whimzical Café wasn’t as smooth as they had hoped it would be. Instead of the  45-day turnaround they had wanted, it was five months later before the updates were finished. Finally, the Whimzical Café featuring deli, wine, and spirits was ready to open its doors right off the square in Newnan, Georgia.  

When asked, Rachel expanded on her work history. Not only has she worked with Chick-fil-A, but also other clients with restaurants. Her background as a paralegal gives her a step up on the business side of running the café. Being hands-on in a business is important, especially when you rely on your customers’ testimonies in regard to your livelihood. After reading some of the reviews about Whimzical Café, I understand why they are well received with their culinary offerings.  Their entrees include family recipes, as well as remixed dishes both Rachel and Peter have eaten in the past while traveling. One absolutely delightful item to try would be Rachel’s grandmother’s recipe for pound cake. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

To give all their customers a wonderful experience they use premium products and get fresh produce daily. Not only does Whimzical Café serve quality food, but they also have great customer service, and the casual dining experience will have clients coming back for more. Rachel also spoke of what they hoped to do in the future. “We are about to start having live music, some game nights, and trivia nights. Just something to get people out for dinner. For the lunch crowds, we’re going to be delivering to the local businesses soon; and yeah, we just want to partner with as many businesses as we can. I mean our biggest thing is to make a difference in the community.”

You can find Whimzical Café on Facebook and by email [email protected]. Their physical address is 33  Broad Street, Newnan, Georgia 30263. Make certain to check out their Sunday Brunch and make reservations for Valentine’s Day Dinner by calling 770-755-7709. Click here to see their menu, and you’ll especially want to pay attention to the cocktails!