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Heavenly Bowls Finds Two New Homes

Photo by Kevin Hemphill

Carrollton’s acai superfood bowl provider has found two new homes – a new permanent location and an additional online home. Brad and Tracey Spruell, owners of Heavenly Bowls, are excited to announce they have landed at a new, but very familiar location at 916 Maple Street across from Westover Square and Greater Kingdom Seekers Church. Many remember this location as home to the former Tex-Mex Express, which closed early last year.

While much of the menu is still familiar to people including everyone’s favorite acai bowls, some things have also been added including toasts and bagels featuring breads from the Spruell Homestead as well as Crio Bru Brewed Cacao, which can be described as a cross between coffee and hot dark chocolate. Brad and Tracey also anticipate adding new healthy menu items in the near future.

With the new location, Heavenly Bowls has also added drive-thru service along with the typical walk-up service. Additionally the all-familiar beach shack has found a permanent home on the patio adjacent to the building which they are getting ready for a lot of expected use by their customers in the spring.

According to Brad and Tracey, they feel the new location will offer many more opportunities for their business to grow, allowing them to be more visible in the community, especially along a high traffic route like Maple Street. “The new location allows us to offer a new healthy drive-thru option for lunch which Carrollton doesn’t have many of. It also allows us to service the university community a lot more conveniently.”

In addition to the new location, Heavenly Bowls is adding to its online presence, launching a brand new website to supplement its social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. The website offers a way to view their offerings as well as a way to contact Brad and Tracey to request catering, which they still offer. You can visit their brand new website at www.heavenlybowls.com.

And if you’re wondering about the food truck, Brad and Tracey say it will be back. “We plan to get the food truck back out in areas of Carrollton and the surrounding communities once the weather warms up and we get more locations confirmed.” 

When asked about what they are looking forward to most with the new location and website, the Spruells said, “We are most excited to be able to serve the community in a lot of new ways. The community needs to know we are now ready and able to be a part of their lives–no matter the location–with healthy, delicious, Heavenly food!!”

Heavenly Bowls is open Tuesdays through Fridays 10:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. and Saturdays from 11:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m., but they may adjust their hours to be open longer as the weather warms up.

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